Travel By Tatten

Website for Travel Agent

Linda Tatten of Travel by Tatten hired Karen Callahan and Adventures Online to develop and launch her Website in 2004 and to develop her travel blog in 2005.

“When you have a home office, a Website becomes your storefront,” says Tatten.  “It gives me a professional face and I can use it to showcase my experience and offer clients more information on my travel services.  My Website also differentiates me from other travel agents.”

Now that she has a Web presence, Tatten has attracted more new clients, including one who used her to book over $15,000 in international travel.  “This client said they would only do business with a company that had a Website,” says Tatten.  “When they found my site, they were impressed with its professional appearance.”

The Website has also helped Tatten save time and money.  “I have cut back the number of mailings I do because I can now use my blog to announce and promote the trips I coordinate.  The blog is more cost-effective than postal mailings and it’s a fast and effective way to reach my clients.”

Tatten’s travel blog has been instrumental in driving traffic to her Website.  “I get 60 Website hits per day on average because of my blog,” says Tatten.  “When I had just the Website, I was getting 2-3 hits per day, but when I got my blog, the hit rate immediately went up to 40 per day.  In one month, there could be 75 hits.  In January this year, there were 953 hits on my site.”

Tatten’s site visitors and clients are expressing their appreciation for her Website and the information it provides.  “People say it’s an excellent site – one of the best they’ve seen,” she says. 

Tatten herself is thrilled with the overall experience of building and running her Website and blog.  “Karen is one-stop shopping,” says Tatten.  “She develops and designs the site, and then she shows you how to use the site to get the most out of your investment.  She helped me with what to write in the blog, the words to use to attract visitors and using the blog to obtain maximum visibility.  In addition to being extremely professional and knowledgeable, Karen is very supportive, patient at explaining how things work, and she makes great suggestions.”

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