Credibility Busters

Impressed by the misspelling of Credibility on the menu? No? Exactly…

As your prospects are reviewing your Web site, they are making unconscious judgments about what it would be like to work with you. They formulate positive and negative perceptions of your business based on their experience at your Web site. Adventures Online helps businesses build and maintain credibility in this just-a-click-away environment. We provide services that ensure enjoyable experiences for visitors to your Web site—so they will take the next step and contact you.

Here’s a list of the most common issues that take away from your visitor’s experience and degrade your business image in the process.

  1. Broken Links: Broken links frustrate visitors and give the perception that your business does not pay attention to detail. A visitor to your Web site perceives that working with you will be the same frustrating and incomplete experience.
  2. Outdated Material: Outdated material gives the impression that you are old-fashioned, resistant to change, or that you don’t care. You demonstrate that you are “with it” and interested in your Web prospects by keeping the information on your Web site current —even down to the copyright date.
  3. Hard to Find Information: In this just-a-click-away world of the Internet, frustrating a visitor by making it hard to find information will reflect poorly on your image. Getting to information quickly and easily via an easy-to-navigate menu structure will positively enhance a prospective client’s experience, and leave the impression that working with your company will be an equally positive experience.
  4. Malfunctioning Web pages: Have you ever been to a Web site that attempts to be high tech and you are presented with graphics that overlay text, a blank page, or a big box with an icon inside? Were you eager to spend more time at that Web site? These scenarios are avoidable.
  5. Typographical and Grammatical Errors: Your website is oftentimes the first introduction that a prospective client has to your company. It is important to present the most professional image that you can. Typographical and grammatical errors take away from your ability to do this.
  6. The All-About-Us Syndrome: A visitor to your Web site is thinking “What’s in it for me?” and “How can I benefit from using your products/services?” The verbiage used in your content sends a message about your priorities. If the content mostly begins with “We”, it is clear that you are the priority and not your visitors. By modifying the words to come from the perspective of your prospects, you can deliver the same powerful message about your products and services.
  7. Outside E-mail Addresses: It is no longer acceptable to use the domain name of a free or paid for e-mail service provider. Your prospect expects your e-mail address to include your domain name—like all established businesses. Plus, having your domain name in your e-mail address provides free advertising for you, and gives your prospects the impression that your company is consistent and reliable (no surprises).
  8. Under Construction pages: While once acceptable in the big charge to establish a presence on the Internet, under construction pages are no longer perceived in a positive light. They give the impression that you are a struggling beginner. User experience and marketing experts now say that it is better to publish nothing until your website is ready in its entirety.
  9. Visitor Counters: Counters do not add value to a visitor’s experience at your website. They are old technology and should be removed because they give the impression that you are behind the times. Also, having a counter can backfire. If the number is too low, a prospective client may be wary and move on to the next website. If the number is too high, the prospective client may become suspicious. We just don’t know how visitors will perceive the counter, so, the risk to you of losing potential business is too high.


You have made a significant investment in Web site design and Web site development services. Protect that investment by reviewing your Web site and taking steps to improve your prospective clients’ experiences. Call Adventures Online at 508-480-8833 today to protect your image and investment!