Search Engine Optimization

When done well, search engine optimization increases the traffic to your website – and especially the traffic of your target audience. The increase in number of visits gives you more opportunities to convert highly-targeted visitors to customers. The more customers you have, the more sales you have…the more robust your bottom line.

Did you know that…

  • when there are multiple links on a page that link to the same (other) page, only the text of the first link is considered by the search engines for ranking, and that
  • the placement of the body content and side columns (in HTML) affect rankings by the search engines?

No? That’s okay. You don’t have to know…With over a dozen years experience developing search-engine friendly websites, Karen Callahan has developed into an experienced organic search engine optimization expert. She provides organic search engine optimization consulting to small businesses throughout the United States.

Three aspects of your business’ Internet presence are evaluated:

  1. Your website and blog
  2. The inbound links
  3. Your social networking and social media activities

Your website and blog
The first part involves making modifications to the front end and back end of their websites and blogs in order to include the hooks that search engines look for – and – to exclude the components that impede your website and blog from getting properly categorized by the search engines.  In the past, clients have made big gains just by focusing on #1 – their website and blog.

The inbound links
Another part of organic search engine optimization involves link-building. Search engines consider the number and quality of websites and blogs that link to your website when they are deciding how to categorize your business in their database.

Your Social Networking and Social Media Activities
And a third consideration is the social networking and social media activities of the business. Are  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter appropriate for your business? Do you also need accounts at Flickr and YouTube?

Organic Search Engine Optimization Programs
In addition to consulting services, Karen offers two organic search engine optimization programs; a Basic Organic Search Engine Optimization Program and an Advanced Organic Search Engine Optimization Program.

Basic Organic Search Engine Optimization Program
The deliverable of the Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program is a comprehensive report that includes an anlysis of the business’ current standings with the search engines (the benchmark) and recommendations for improving its standings (the end-point vision).
Fee: $859

Advanced Organic Search Engine Optimization Program

As with the Basic SEO Program, the Advanced Organic Search Engine Optimization Program takes the benchmarks, and provides analysis and recommendations for improving your website’s visiblity in the search engines. It differs in that the Advanced Program includes:

    • Comprehensive SEO research of up to 3 Competitors
    • Keyword comparison and research
    • Some of the updates to the website (if desired)
    • Additional reviews of the websites after completion of the recommended tasks

Fee: $3289

Do you know where your website ranks in the search engines?
Our search engine ranking analysis will tell you.

When performing search engine optimization, it is important to know where your website ranks in the search engines at the start (your benchmark) and at periodic intervals during the search engine optimization process in order to measure your progress. We use specialized tools that search the most popular search engines and directories for your Web site. We analyze the results and provide you with a report of our findings, including recommendations for improving your rank.

When performing this service, Adventures Online

  • Compiles a list of the keywords defined in your Web site
  • Searches the most popular search engines using those keywords
  • Analyzes the results
  • Provides you with a report indicating your website’s ranking, highlighting
    • the keyword phrases that are working and not working for you,
    • the search engines that are working and not working for you,
    • the Web pages that are working and not working for you, and
    • includes recommendations for improving your rank such as increasing the inbound links to your website and replacing keywords with new keywords.

The search engine optimization updates are made to your website and your website is submitted to the search engines. Depending on the program, the analysis can include a section on how your site measures up to competitors and what they are doing to achieve higher rankings.

Is this service appropriate for your business?
This service best serves those businesses whose Web sites have been in existence for at least one year.

Do you need to be an existing client of Adventures Online?
No. This service is available to all businesses.

Does Adventures Online submit Web sites to search engines?
Yes, see below.

Submit Your Website to the Search Engines
For Adventures Online, it is “standard operating procedure” to submit a website to the search engines – at no extra charge – upon launching a website – new, re-designed or one that has undergone recent search engine optimization.

Continuous Improvement
Search engine optimization is an on-going process. Once you run the initial search engine optimization project, you want to be vigilant about your rank, what your competitors are doing, and the ever-changing ranking algorithms and new practices of the search engines. Keep a line item in your budget for the cost to make adjustments according to changes you note.

Note: Adventures Online focuses on organic search engine optimization aka natural search engine optimization. Organic or natural search engine optimization is the process of modifying the website itself in order to attract search engines, as opposed to paying for position on a page or for placement based on keywords (advertising & ppc). We do not optimize “pay-for” programs.