Speaker Karen Callahan

Karen Callahan frequently gives presentations to small business groups. She has presented to international groups like Career Directors International, national groups like the National Association of Black Accountants, and local groups like the Women’s Bar Association in Worcester, MA, the Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association, and the Marlborough Chapter of Rotary International.

Karen Callahan Speaker

Karen is seeking speaking engagements; in person, via teleseminar or webinar, solo presentations or workshops or as a participant on a panel. The format is not as important as the opportunity to share what she has learned during her 20 years of working on the Internet.

Karen started her business when the Internet was in its infancy. She named her company “Adventures Online” as a result of working on the Internet in those early days: Every time she went to do something, the process had changed, the forms had been replaced with emails, the info was no longer located where it was the day before. The Internet was growing, and everyday became an “Adventure on line”. She took poetic license and squished “on line” together, and chose Adventures Online. Now, armed with 20 years of Internet experience, she practices her gift of teaching by presenting to small business groups, near and far.

Popular topics are:


Prepping for Your Website Project: The Top 10 Questions you need to answer before getting started

This 1.5 presentation is for non-techs who will participate in a website project within the year. Attendees will learn the top ten questions to which they should know the answers before interviewing website design and development firms. Knowing the answers enables non-techs to effectively interview prospective developers and to provide them with details that can result in receiving more accurate proposals.


What’s Hot and What’s Not for your Online Presence in 2017

This 1-hour presentation introduces attendees to what they need to add to and remove from their websites in order to meet the 2017 defacto standards and the expectations of prospective clients and search engines.

The Value of a Website in a Social Media World

“I’m updating everything and engaging on social media. Why do I still need a website?”
This 1-hour presentation helps attendees understand the interplay of social media with a website and the importance of maintaining a website.

Karen Callahan as SpeakerSEO for WordPress Bloggers

After attending this 2.5 hour workshop, attendees will understand how to use their WordPress blog to advance their positions in the search engine results pages. Attendees learn how to help the search engines, and especially Google,  understand who they are and what they do. Instructions on what to add to their WordPress website and where to add it via the WordPress Dashboard screens is included. Preferred space is a room with WiFi so that attendees (who choose) can have their laptops with them and take action as we go. (Laptops not required.)

Ten True Things about Social Media and Getting Found

Business people are in a frenzy trying to participate on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and all the rest. This is a one-hour presentation that helps busy professionals understand the common outcome so that they can re-prioritize their time and refocus on their target audience. This presentation is a revised-for-today’s-Internet version of a previous version.

Getting to Blog Worthy

I want to blog. I know I need to blog, but, I don’t know what to blog about“. I have heard this so many times, that I put together this 1.5 hour workshop that guides bloggers to discover what they need to be blogging about. The topics are not the same for all bloggers, but, the process for discovering what to blog about is.