Starting a Blog

If it’s traffic you want to be hogging… Get Blogging!

What does blogging have to do with increasing traffic to your Website?
Everything! Advertising and word of mouth aside, it’s the search engines that drive traffic to your website. Your goal then is to provide the search engines with the “ingredients” they need in order to treat your website favorably. One of the most important ingredients is text— and that is why blogs are a powerful tool in increasing traffic to a website. Blogs by nature are text, and, search engines love text!

Search engines use the text on your web pages to determine who you are, what you provide, and where to list your pages in their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Websites appearing higher up on the SERPs receive greater amounts of traffic.

You can influence your placement on the SERPs by implementing a blog. A blog is a natural conduit to increasing the amount of content, and, since you will be writing about your company and products and services, you will very easily and naturally use keyword terms that are prevalent and most relevant to your business. The search engines will use those terms to more easily and accurately categorize your business. Oftentimes, that results in your web pages gaining higher listings in the SERPs. Higher listings lead to more traffic. You continue to add content via your blog. The search engines re-evaluate your web pages and adjust your listings in the SERPs, and so on, and so on.

Unsure of how to get started? Adventures Online has been maintaining its own WordPress® blog since 2005, and installing and customizing WordPress® blogs for its clients since May 2004. We have the tools and experience to get you up and running and poised for success. See WordPress Blogs by Adventures Online for a sampling of the blogs we have installed and customized for clients.

What do you need to blog?

  1. Blogging software installed at your website.
  2. A little bit of training on the blogging interface.
  3. At least one “expert” to write in your blog.
  4. A schedule for posting blog entries.

Next Steps

You are ready to start blogging…
Contact Karen Callahan at Adventures Online (508-480-8833) today.

You are interested in blogging and want to learn more…
Visit the Blogs topic in our “Web News and Blogs” blog. Still want more… Continue to watch our blog.

You are not sure that blogging is for you…
Create an account at a public blogging site and practice. Some popular blogging sites are: Blogger™, Bloglines, LiVEJOURNAL™, MOVABLETYPE®, or TypePad®.


How to Blog

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