Thanks to Business and Empowerment Coach Maureen Letendre

Many thanks to business and empowerment coach Maureen Letendre for facilitating the monthly blogging meeting today. In lieu of our usual blogging session, Maureen led a discussion which helped each of us get re-focused and re-devoted to our blogging efforts. We explored…

  • Why we blog
  • The payoff we receive from blogging / how we measure success
  • The things (excuses and reasons) that stand in the way of us blogging as frequently as we would like
  • Our visions of what we would like to be doing with regard to blogging
  • The (SMART) commitments that we were willing to make today

Maureen sent us away with homework… To define who we are as a blogger and to choose 3 reasons from our lengthy list of “Reasons We Blog” and post them in a visible spot near our computers and laptops so that we can remain focused when we blog.

Maureen ran a wonderful session-focused, prepared, and kept us on track with regard to time.  Much appreciated!

Maureen Letendre is owner of In Demand Coaching, Marlborough, MA.

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