MailWasher Pro: Recommended by Adventures Online

Today, a break from writing about WordPress and blogs to tell you about a great spam-filtering software tool that I (now) recommend. One of the tasks I had scheduled for Business Infrastructure Week  (the week between Christmas and New Years) was to evaluate MailWasher Pro.

How did MailWasher Pro get on my list?
I have over 20 email accounts, most of which get checked daily. You can imagine the amount of spam that comes in with the legitimate emails. I needed relief from wading through the spam to find the important emails from my clients…a business colleague suggested MailWasher Pro.

I researched MailWasher Pro, downloaded the evaluation copy, used it for a couple of days, liked it a lot, then purchased a copy and installed it on my desktop.

It is a great product and I highly recommend it. MailWasher Pro allows you to connect to the servers of all your email accounts and review and categorize the emails and the senders before emails are downloaded to your computer. You can mark things for delete or approve, and blacklist and whitelist senders. Each time you categorize and delete and approve messages, MailWasher learns and remembers,  so  everyday, you are presented with a list of emails that MailWasher Pro has pre-categorized – saving you time – and over time, you are just checking that MailWasher Pro has got it right.

I no longer download unwanted email to my desktop. It is reviewed, categorized, and filtered on the remote servers, then downloaded. MailWasher Pro is a great time saver and has improved my productivity.

(Karen Callahan and Adventures Online are NOT affiliated in any way with Firetrust nor MailWasher Pro… just a fan!)

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