Tips for Maintaining Your Blog

  • Write in your blog 3 times per week. This keeps people as well as the search engines coming back.
  • Keep a single entry to 300 – 500 words. If the subject demands more, present Part 1 one day, then Part 2 the next.
  • Use keyword phrases in your blog content, especially the Titles and Categories.
  • Include links to more content or the “full” story. For example, if you comment about an eArticle, include a quote in your blog and link to the eArticle. Linking like this validates for the search engines that your content is “true”.
  • When you don’t have enough time to write a thoughtful blog entry, or, there is no subject that interests you, post a list “These are my favorite online xyzxyz stores” – (where xyzxyz is related to your business industry) list the stores and link to their Web sites, or add a reminder of a charity event or a meeting or trade show for your industry.

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