Spyware Product Recommendations

Spyware is software that is downloaded to your computer without your consent (and without your knowledge). It keeps tabs on what is on your computer and the actions you take, and reports the info to ???? Some spyware is innocent enough – recording marketing demographic info. Other spyware is malicious and can turn your computer into a spam generator, a virus generator, or, steal your identity.

To protect yourself, voluntarily download an anti-spyware program. Several are mentioned below. Run the anti-spyware software at least once per week, more often if you are a heavy Internet user.

Adventures Online has been happily using Spybot Search and Destroy for over a year now. This is freeware software and donations are much appreciated. Spybot Search and Destroy has received PC World and PC Mag (and more) accolades.

EKG Networking, a trusted business partner and Spybot Search and Destroy user also recommends:

  1. Lavasoft AdAware
  2. Microsoft AdAware

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