How to Optimize a Website for the Search Engines

It’s Fun Friday! Spring is on its way in Boston, and today we are having April showers.

A business colleague sent me a link to this video. Being from YouTube, I knew that I would enjoy it, so, I sat back and relaxed. Then I listened to the words. This rapper knows how to optimize a website for the search engines! So I had to listen again, then again. I was laughing my tail off, and, at the same time, applauding this young man’s talent – getting it right and putting it into a rap song. What a fun way to be reminded of what you need to do to get found on the Internet! Folks, this is filed under Best Practices 🙂

Watch…Listen…Enjoy…Do it again…

[Took the video out and replaced it with a link. ]
The Poetic Prophet (aka The SEO Rapper) tells us how. This is a must see!

… and Have a Great Weekend!


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