Updating your own Website: Good Idea or Bad?

Recently, the requests for content management systems have escalated. Website owners are wanting to save money by updating their own websites. I understand the need to save a few dollars, but, in my opinion, unless you are a web professional, updating your own website is a bad idea. Why? Because you want to get found on the Internet. 

If you are a client of Adventures Online, your website was developed with all the (current) search engine-friendly components built in. Or maybe you are not a client, but have paid SEO professionals to work on your website.

Now you want to update your website on your own – which sounds innocent enough, but, search engine optimization (SEO) is as intricate as calculating your taxes. One change over here causes a change in an amount over there, and your overall liability picture changes.

Are you capable of doing your own taxes? Yes, if you want to come up to speed every year on the new rules and laws. But don’t you always wonder if there is some little-known rule or law that a professional would have used to reduce your tax debt?  (I used to wonder.) Is coming up to speed each year a good use of your time? And, if you have the time, shouldn’t you be working on your marketing?

Getting back to SEO… In order for you to preserve, support, and enhance the search engine-friendly components that were built into your website, you need to come up to speed with the latest SEO techniques and apply those to your updating. Is coming up to speed each year a good use of your time?

 It is in your best interest to hire a professional who has deep knowledge of SEO in order to maintain your relationship (rank and categorization) with the search engines.

When is it okay to update your own website?
When no SEO has ever been applied to your website, and you don’t care about getting found on the Internet.

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