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WP software upgrades

WordPress Software Upgrades

First line of defense against hackers and malicious website intrusions is a healthy hosting account.
Adventures Online keeps your WordPress website software up to date, scans for viruses and broken links, and reports the results and action items back to you when you sign up for our WordPress Upgrades Package.
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WordPress Training - Add SEO to WordPress

Half-day SEO Bootcamp now available.
Get found—and—attract more qualified leads by learning basic search engine optimization principles and tactics like How and where to add search engine optimization components in your posts, pages, and dashboard, and, How to monitor results and measure improvement

Build your own WordPress Website

For design firms, creative agencies, and do-it-yourselfers. Build your own WordPress website focusing on your core strengths: the creative and the content. Let Adventures Online manage the technology like setting up the development environment and then installing the website you have developed in the live hosting account.

WordPress Training - Content Maintenance

Visualize YOU updating and growing your website inde- pendently! Learn how to use the WordPress editor to keep your content timely and fresh · Create stylish posts · Upload images and PDFs · Make lists and columns · Add new menu items · And much more!
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WordPress Website Development

Adventures Online specializes in developing responsive, SEO-friendly WordPress websites that show you in your best light across desktops, tablets, and phones.   New websites · Website redesigns · Brochure-type · eCommerce · Mobile-friendly
Custom Programming

Special Projects & Custom Programming

Sometimes you don't need a whole new website. You simply need a custom module, a complex form, or a website app. Adventures Online writes custom plugins, programs, and modules for its clients as well as other website developers.

— Kristen Coria, CARW

Karen’s creative talents and WordPress expertise are unparalleled in the industry. Karen has worked on multiple designs for me and she always exceeds my expectations. Not only is she a technical guru from the WordPress side that can make your vision a reality, she also offers her insight from a marketing perspective!
I have already experienced an uptick in business and web traffic after her redesign. She is a true visionary that will get you results, maximize your ROI, and have you up and running in no time! kristen-coria-carw

Karen Callahan
Simple & Sustainable SEO System
What's Hot?

WordPress SEO Bootcamp

is now the
Simple & Sustainable SEO System!
The 4-hour workshop has been converted into a 6-week online course. Participants will learn and practice on-page SEO techniques that improve their rank in the search engines. They'll learn to use the right words in the right order in the right places, and how to balance SEO with providing valuable content for their readers, Membership in private Facebook group and bi-weekly group support sessions are included. Learn more by clicking through!

Your website is your face to the world

I work to ensure that you are presented in your best light.

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