HTML5 Presented by W3C Heavy-Hitter

Woo Hoo! Got a reminder this am from a business colleague. We are heading to the Boston PHP meetup tonight for a presentation about HTML5, the next version of HTML.  This presentation is of very great interest to me because it is the language that the browsers use to display websites. (Even if a website is “written” in PHP, the PHP code generates HTML.)

The presenter is a W3C heavy-hitter, and, I have high expectations.  I am looking forward to learning new tricks and about upcoming capabilities that I can (eventually) incorporate into website and blog projects.

Description of HTML5 Meetup (taken from the e-mail reminder):

HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML. Along with technologies like SVG, CSS3, and various APIs, the HTML5 Platform aims at enabling rich Web applications, including with video and graphic animation. Major Web browsers are all rushing to implement this new wave.

Many great new features such as:

New HTML elements and attributes
Built in APIs like Drag and Drop, Video, Audio, and Geolocation
CSS3 goodies: New Selectors, Borders, Media Queries, Transformations, Transitions, etc.
Local storage: Web Storage, Indexed Database
Web workers
Video element
Canvas and its 2D API
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
WOFF, the Web Open Font Format
and much more…

This will be presented by Philippe Le Hegaret of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Philippe heads the team responsible for standardizing frontend Web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, SVG, WOFF, or Web APIs. He is a former Chair of the Document Object Model (DOM) Working Group and wrote the first version of the W3C CSS validator back in 1997.

I will report back here about the awesome stuff I learn!


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