eCommerce WordPress website for Marlborough Wellness Center

Congratulations to Julie Brown Dalbec, owner of Marlborough Wellness Center (MWC) for starting 2015 off with a bang! MWC’s 2015 business plan includes adding eCommerce to its website as well as creating a new look and feel that complements its newly created logo (shown below).

Marlborough Wellness Center new logo

Since changing the design would require a total rebuild of the website, it made sense to convert the original HTML-based website to a WordPress platform at the same time so that Julie and staff (who have previous experience blogging with WordPress) could add and update content on every page of the website at will.

Key Business Objectives

  1. Add eCommerce to the website
  2. Incorporate the newly created logo
  3. Build the website using WordPress CMS tool
  4. Meld the new logo with the chosen WordPress theme
  5. Provide all contact information on the top right of each page

Working toward the Solution

  1. eCommerce – WooCommerce was chosen as the eCommerce solution. It is written especially for integration with WordPress websites. WooCommerce is a powerful eCommerce solution that enables MWC staff to create a catalog, manage inventory, sell products online, offer specials, upsell products, and more.
  2. Newly designed logo – The new logo (shown above) was created by a third party and provided to Adventures Online electronically. The logo was resized and the colors of the logo were integrated into the chosen theme.
  3. Build using WordPress – The new website was built online in a development area. The HTML pages of the original website were re-entered as WordPress pages, new WordPress pages were added, and the existing blog posts were exported from the original website and imported into the development website. When the development website was completed and approved by Julie, the entire website was re-created on the latest version of WordPress in MWC’s live hosting account.
  4. Meld the new logo with the chosen WordPress theme.
    MWC chose to base the new design on a publicly-offered WordPress theme.
  5. Provide all contact information on the top right of each page
    A special contact area was created and styled using elements of the theme. Color of links match the colors in the logo.


WordPress was installed at the development website, then the starter theme was installed and activated.

starting wordpress theme for MWC

Starting theme to be melded with the MWC logo and presentation requirements

Next, the new logo, the contact information, and slider images that pertain to MWC’s business were added, and the highlight and link colors were changed to match the colors in MWC’s logo.

New WordPress website home page

Home page of new website with MWC requirements

The WooCommerce plugin was installed and MWC staff loaded it with natural products that it will be selling on line.

MWC natural produt\cts online store

Portion of MWC store selling natural products online

MWC’s store is now open for business Stop by the store. Learn more about Julie Brown Dalbec and the other practicioners at MWC. Use one of the contact methods (at the MWC website) to congratulate Julie and staff on the new website!



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