Organic Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization?
It is the manipulation of a website in order to gain top rankings on the three most popular search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN. Manipulation can include editing the content, renaming the individual Web pages, renaming the graphics, creating and/or renaming the folders, updating the meta data that is behind-the-scenes on each Web page, and more…

The basis of all the editing, updating and creating are the keyword terms that you choose for your Web site. To learn whether the keywords you chose are being effective for you, look at your website statistics. (The company that is hosting your website will tell you where to find the statistics.)

Where does organic come in?
Organic refers to getting a high listing in the search engine results pages “naturally” as opposed to buying a high listing on the search engine results pages with a pay-per-click ad campaign.

Generally, the organic listings appear in the middle (or main section) of the screen. They earned their placement by optimizing their websites, and not via a pay-per-click ad campaign.

The websites that employ pay-per-click ad campaigns display on the right-hand side of the results pages, and sometimes across the top and bottom. Sometimes, they are designated as “Site Sponsors”, and sometimes that designation is indicated with a colored background with the ads.

How can Adventures Online help you?

Adventures Online offers two organic search engine optimization programs. Call 508-480-8833 to learn which program is best for your situation.

Adventures Online offers consulting services to businesses desiring help with calculating the ROI and overall effectiveness of their pay-per-click ad campaigns. Adventures Online does not set up nor manage pay-per-click ad campaigns.

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