Content Planning for WordPress Bloggers

After my recent post about the WordPress Editorial Calendar widget, it should be no surprise that today I am writing about how to plan content for your blog. Yes, for best results with your blogging, the content should be planned.

As a starting point, Designate each day with a content “type”. For example,

Mondays could be designated as “news-related” blog post day where you blog about a news item related to your industry or niche that was published/made known over the weekend.

Tuesdays could be designated to blog posts that fit in the “tips-tricks-n-techniques” genre

Wednesdays could be about the “latest, hottest thingyou have personally discovered this week

Thursdays could be blog posts related to “education” and learning about your niche – “How to…”, “Top 3 ways to…”

Fridays could be designated as “video” day – meaning that you create original video content or search the web for a video that is related to your industry or niche and post a link to the video and your comments.

Saturdays and Sundays – you are off or doing research, but, not writing in the blog. Unless of course, you have your content and are data entering it with future dates so that you can view it in the WordPress Editorial Calendar and make adjustments to the schedule.

Other blog content types to consider:

  • Best blog post of the week by another blogger
  • Contest day
  • Facebook-driven offer day
  • Partnership promotion day
  • Trivia/Fun Facts day
  • Client promotion day
  • Podcast day

What are the content types you use?


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