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New Responsive WordPress Website Launched for CPS Corporation

Monday, July 24th, 2017

Congratulations to CPS Corporation on the recent launch of its freshly-designed, responsive  WordPress website. CPS is a full-service HVAC firm in Marlborough, MA.

During the past year, the owner Phil Baldwin worked with his marketing firm to create a modern design that reflects the enthusiastic “can-do” energy of the company, and that displays well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Phil’s goals were 1) to be accessible to all who need his company’s services, 2) to have a website that is user-friendly on each of the devices a visitor could use, and 3) to have an updated design that reflects the dynamic energy of the company.

Top of new home page

The new home page features the trend of having longer pages with multiple sections that highlight different topics of interest. [Click to view larger.]

When the design was complete, the marketing firm handed it off to me, Karen Callahan of Adventures Online, to develop the website using WordPress and the Avada theme and framework.  I developed the redesigned website, updated the CSS for responsiveness to different devices, created separate menus for several devices, created special definitions of h1-h6 tags for content display and SEO, tested for presentation and responsiveness on the different devices, collaborated with the marketing firm as the website build progressed, and, met periodically with Phil to review the website and confirm his choices and satisfaction with the results. After several review-n-tweak cycles, the website was ready to launch.

CPS’s responsive, SEO-friendly WordPress website was launched in June 2017.  Several updates have been made since. Updates will continue to be made as the SEO metrics indicate and business offerings evolve.

Drop by to visit CPS Corporation’s website and let them know your impression.



New WordPress website for local Rotary club in the works

Monday, August 8th, 2016

I’m proud to announce that I have been chosen to work with the Marlborough Chapter of Rotary International on defining, designing, and developing a new website for the Chapter.

The existing website launched in 2010.

Marlborough Rotary website 2010At that time, the committee had wanted to establish a web presence for the local chapter. It wanted a simple, clean design with user-friendly navigation that could be used as a tool to communicate with the local community as well as with its members.

The 2016 Marketing committee has created a website sub-committee to work on defining a new, more-modern looking website. Sub-Committee members are Elaine McDonald, Peggie Thorsen, Emily Greenwood, and myself. The sub-committee wants a website that includes functionality that meets the business requirements of today’s Marlborough Rotary club, and, more importantly, reflects how the Marlborough Rotary club has evolved as a modern, community-focused organization, with its 2016 message as well as its 2016 attitude!

As an Honorary Rotarian since September 2013, it is a particular pleasure to work on revamping the Marlborough Rotary’s web presence.

Stay tuned…More will be posted when the new website is launched.



New WordPress Website for local Insurance Professional

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Congratulations to Diane Rosen, founder of Integrated Insurance Planning, on her new responsive WordPress website.

Diane hired Adventures Online to develop the first ever website for her insurance business. Diane is a certified CFP, and has been working in Financial Planning and Insurance for over 25 years. In 2014, she sold her successful financial planning practice and retained her insurance business to establish Integrated Insurance Planning which focuses on:

  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

The business requirements for developing the website were:

  • Keep it simple with a few words on a few pages
  • Use the teal in her logo as a highlight throughout the website
  • Have the website rest on a contrasting light green background
  • Highlight that “it is all about her clients’ needs; their financial protection and comfort” – and not about pushing products or meeting quotas
  • Ability for the owner to make light updates to the content (CMS)
Integrated Insurance Planning website

Click to view larger version


  • A WordPress-based website because of:
    • The user-friendly Content Management System (CMS)
    • The plethora of frameworks and themes to choose from
    • The built-in “responsiveness” (of the themes)

The resulting website tells Diane Rosen’s story in less than 8 pages, presents the content in a simple fashion with the main content on the left and a sidebar highlighting the business focus on the right, includes two forms for connecting with Diane, and the ability for visitors to search the website for the particular insurance that is of interest to them.

Diane is very happy with her responsive website and wrote:

When a business friend referred Karen to me, she said that it would be easy to work with her.  After working with her I can honestly say that my friend’s comment was a huge understatement.

Karen built a WordPress website for me and I am very pleased with the result.  If you use Karen you will find she is responsive, dedicated and competent and a great teacher.  She developed on a timely basis, which was important for me.  She led me through each step and not only communicated well and clearly, she made great recommendations and even helped me write some of the content.  After the training on how to update the website this non-techie person feels very competent with my newly learned skills.  She’s a great teacher in addition to all her other skills.

If you are considering a WordPress website, choose Adventures Online/Karen Callahan and you’ll be happy with the result.



Setting up Email in Outlook

Friday, June 3rd, 2016

I have Outlook 2010. These instructions contain the text/prompts that are in that version. If you do not have the exact wording, look for similar.

These are “generally” acceptable settings that work in lots of situations. Settings change machine to machine and ISP to ISP. For the settings for your exact situation, ask your provider — the person who set up your email.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click the FILE tab, then Account Settings
  • On the Email Tab, Click NEW
  • On the NEW Account dialogue box, tick Email Account, then click Next
  • On Auto Account Set Up, scroll to bottom and tick Manually configure…, then click Next
  • On Choose Service, tick Internet E-mail, then Next
  • User Information -This is used for Display in Outlook
    • Your Name: Your first name and your last name
    • Email address: xxyyzz@yourdomainname.nnn (i.e.,
  • Server Information – Your provider should give you this information
    • Account Type: Pull down to IMAP or POP3
    • Incoming: imap.yourdomainname.nnn or pop.yourdomainname.nnn
    • Outgoing: smtp.yourdomainname.nnn
  • Logon Information – This is used to log into the email account
    • User Name: xxyyzz@yourdomainname.nnn
    • Password: ***************
    • Remember Password – Check
  • Require logon using – Leave unchecked
  • On the right click MORE SETTINGS
    • Click on the outgoing server tab
    • Check My outgoing server requires authentication
    • Leave “Use same settings… ticked, click OK
  • Click on the ADVANCED tab
    • Incoming server = 143
    • Outgoing server = change from 25 to 587
  • Click OK
  • Now Test Account Settings
  • There should be two checks. If not, start at the beginning and double check.

New responsive WordPress website for local travel agent

Thursday, May 19th, 2016

Congratulations to Linda Tatten, CTC on the debut of the new responsive WordPress website for her business Travel by Tatten.

Linda and I began talking about converting her older HTML website with a WordPress blog to a full WordPress website in late December. Over the early months of 2016, we talked about what she liked about her existing website, what she wanted to keep, and what she wanted to change. She provided me with preferences on what she wanted with regard to website design; we considered 2 – 3 templates seriously, then settled on a Genesis child theme.

Her business goals were to:

  1. Present a more modern image to the world via the website design
  2. Highlight her specialties
  3. Include components that encourage visitors to become followers
  4. Provide a user-friendly experience were information is quickly found

New responsive WordPress design (after)new responsive WordPress design

The new design features two menus. One is in the top right, and one is below the fold when the website first displays. As a page is scrolled, the invisible menu becomes visible and stays on the screen. Both menus travel as an overlay down the page so that visitors can quickly get to the information they want. Ms. Tatten’s specialties: The Hawaiian Islands, Bora Bora and Tahiti, and Cruises are highlighted with large photos on the home page, and are listed on the top menu for easy access when not on the Home page. There is a short form at the bottom of each page for Joining Our Email List and a longer Contact Us form for personal inquiries has its own page. The contact phone number is on the menu, highlighted with a gold background (seen above to the right of the blue), and is clickable for auto-dialing Travel by Tatten immediately. Social media connection icons and other contact information appear at the bottom of each page.

The original HTML website with a WordPress blog (before)original travel by tatten HTML website
The original website started as a full HTML website. In 2005, a WordPress blog was added. The design was static with 2 menus; one above and one to the left of the content. Each page featured 4 travel photos on the left side. When rolled-over, each photo would change to another travel scene.  The 5th photo was usually larger, and featured Linda one one of her many adventures (i.e. heli snowshoeing and swimming with dolphins). The content area was designated with a soft gold border. Every page looked the same, and the contents of the pages outside of the blog could not be updated by Ms. Tatten. With the new design, she has full control over updating all of the content – whenever she wants!  The website will be more up to date and can grow as big as Ms. Tatten might want  – and on her schedule.