Blogging, at Your Site or a Public Site? – 1

I started an entry a few days ago about whether it is better to establish a blog at your own website or at a public blogging website. It was getting too long because I was trying to connect all the dots with regard to how the search engines work. So, I have decided to lay the foundation with this entry and continue on another day to complete the entry that will help you decide whether it is better to establish a blog at your own website or at a public blogging website.

So, let’s talk about How to Increase Traffic to your Website, a frequent topic in the Getting Found on the Internet and Marketing Tips categories.

How do you increase traffic to your website?
You use every marketing medium to drive traffic to it. This includes:

  • Your business voice mail message
  • Your letterhead and business cards
  • Your brochures
  • Your Fax cover sheets
  • Your promotional give aways
  • Your TV and radio spots
  • Your newspaper feature story
  • Links to your website from other content-related websites like your business associates, especially those to whom you frequently refer business
  • Links to your website from the websites of all the organizations and associations to which you belong
  • Link to your website from DMOZ (Open Directory Project). (View Adventures Online’s listing.)
  • Links to your website from industry-related directories
  • Links to your website from local city/town business directories

These are all passive traffic drivers; that is, you put them in place and that’s it. Active traffic drivers require your active participation and contribute to creating **buzz** about you. They include:

  • Writing articles and publishing them at industry-related websites.
  • Joining industry-specific forums and establishing yourself as an expert. (Read the Today’s Tip section of Tip for Increasing Traffic to Your Web Site for recommendations on interacting in a forum and driving traffic to your website.)
  • Highlighting your website in your elevator speeches
  • Starting a Blog. (Read more about the merits of starting a blog.)

When Other Websites Link to Your Website
Read the Incoming Links section in Two Simple Techniques for Increasing Your Rankings in the Search Engines for recommendations about the best way to have external websites link to your website.


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